Old Novocastrians vs Horton Three Horse Shoes


Old Novocastrians

  • Greg Applegarth - 2 goal(s)
  • Jamie Ridley-Smith - 1 goal(s)
15/05/2023 | 10:30 am
Coach Lane


Post wine Bathtime with the chairman.
🎶Sunshine on a rainy day🎶
The weather was far better than the predicted forecast this morning. Mercurial talent and Dom Thomas wannabe Oli Young, was worse for wear. Leaving home with a pizza and garlic bread, wearing a wooly hat in mid May.
It was Horton in their sunshine kit that started better in this delayed kick off.
Once the ref was located from the trail. The game got underway.
16 mins later novos found themselves 3-0 down. Perhaps the defence were distracted by the majesty of a topless Hansell on the sideline? Despite the efforts of Cloudy in the middle, novos were unable to play the ball out from the back and conceded some poor goals with errors all round.
At the other end of the pitch JRS looks a different player since realising that football isn’t ballet and held on to possession and looked to play the simple pass. He slotted home nicely for our first goal.
After a Horton sin bin.
Jack and Haigh looked to have the legs on the Horton defence.
Haigh not being able to drop the shoulder and drive into the keeper to evasive action on a couple of occasions.
This proved helpful when throwing himself to the ground to win novos a penalty after contact outside the box.
Jack had three well struck shots saved as Novos threatened to draw level.
Rock Paper Scissors- Apples goal.
The team looked all the better for having Oli taken out of the running in the middle of the park and full of running Punchon linking up with Cloudy. This allowed Greg to play as an out and out number 10.
Another penalty followed a Jack Robson first time pass. I will repeat that a Jack Robson first time pass. He has got strength, pace and now the ability to pass. Greg might have a battle on his hands for top scorer this season.
That said, Greg scored the penalty.
Last seasons most improved player finished the game at right back. Demonstrating his versatility in Novos 10th season.
I megged a player, next time will try and get the ball after as well.
Horton got bodies behind efforts from Punch and Hansell and capitalised on further errors and deservedly won the game.
Horton one sin bin, multiple chats to the ref.
Novos were lovely chaps throughout.
Closely fought DOD with Oli taking the first of the season.


Date Time
May 11, 2022 10:30 am


Coach Lane
Newcastle United Academy, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, North East England, England, NE7 7SF, United Kingdom


Old Novocastrians3Loss
Horton Three Horse Shoes5Win

Old Novocastrians

Dom Thomas Defender
Greg Applegarth Midfielder
Jack Stokle Defender
Jamie Hansell Forward
Jamie Ridley-Smith 9 Forward
Mark Mcleod Midfielder
Oli Young Defender
Sal Sinawi Defender
Simon Campbell Defender
William Haigh Forward
Jack Robson Forward