Old Novocastrians vs High Street Blyth


Old Novocastrians

  • Andrew Carling - 1 goal(s)
13/05/2021 | 10:30 am
Coach Lane


Phone call to Oli. “Are you coming? Everyone has gone down to the pitch.” “Yeah, do you know what Charlie had done with my greggs?”

Long throw almost works with keeper making a save from Hansell header. Hansell misses header from corner and hits his shoulder, should have been 1-0.

Their number 9 boots the ball out for no reason for a throw. Kicks the ball away again, before booting the ball away for a third time after the whistle before the ref has a word.

Defenders throw the bodies in the way to block cut in shots from Oli, closest deflects into the side netting with the keeper beaten.

Andy wiped out from behind, no booking.

Series of throw ins given Blyth’s way, even when their linesman gives it the other way.

Up and under from Dom, taken down by Greg perfectly but drilled over.

A push given against Greg in their box even though he was in front of the defender.

Defence confidently knocking the ball around.

Long ball forward held up by Greg until he receives support from Andy 1-0 Novos. Missed by Ryan having a piss.

Greg subbed as Novos look to hold onto to 1-0 lead with 33mins remaining.

Charlie repeatedly charges down the right in space, ignored by the CM’s who fancy his younger brother on the left.

Josh denied clear penalty with the red putting the whistle in his mouth, then forgets how to blow. Possibly because he sucks.

Blyth pinch the ball and go straight down the other end to score. Standard Novos collapse ensues.

Booking for Cloudy when he wins the ball and puts Oli clean through.

The ref clearly annoyed that we are playing on a pitch he can see from his office window, awards Blyth a penalty.

Long ball forward watched by everyone gives them their fourth.

Dom clearly moved by Rushy voting for himself for DOD does the same thing. While stating he collected the balls and tidied up the rubbish.

Cloudy ordering a Guinness as he wanted to be the new Josh.


Date Time League Season
May 16, 2021 10:30 am Cup 2020-2021


Coach Lane
Newcastle United Academy, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, North East England, England, NE7 7SF, United Kingdom


Club1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Old Novocastrians011Loss
High Street Blyth044Win

Old Novocastrians

Andrew Carling Midfielder
Charlie Young Defender
Chris Pattinson Goalkeeper
Chris Rush Defender
Dom Thomas Defender
Greg Applegarth Midfielder
Jamie Hansell Forward
Josh Spurling Midfielder
Mark Mcleod Midfielder
Oli Young Forward
Ryan Williams Defender
Sal Sinawi Defender
Simon Campbell 9 Midfielder
William Haigh Forward