Old Novocastrians vs Dinnington Village


Old Novocastrians

  • Greg Applegarth - 1 goal(s)
  • Jamie Hansell - 1 goal(s)
  • Josh Spurling - 1 goal(s)
  • Mark Mcleod - 1 goal(s)
  • William Haigh - 1 goal(s)
20/05/2021 | 6:30 pm
Coach Lane


Ryza arriving in an Slk because he forgot to get a charger for his Tesla.

Dom goes from Wally with a brolly to top man by keeping everyone’s stuff dry.

Another defensive injury with Rushy coming off after 10mins. Luckily Gav returns from injury to step in.

Haigh clearly fresh after some time out, challenges Greg for fastest man over 40yards. The opposition chastise their own defence for being outpaced from a lad, in their words not mine Haigh, “with a bald patch”

Ryza tells his opponent that he has no right foot, but continues to cut inside and confuse.

Novos avoid customary second half collapse, although the second half is a 1-1 draw.

Our keeper feels sorry for them by letting them have one.

Only awarded two out of five clear penalty’s. Ref clarifies that had Greg been fouled when the ball was still in play, even if he had shot, then a penalty would have been awarded.

Greg takes one for the team by coming off.

Oli hits the side netting with an audacious attempt that we are used to seeing him put away.

Novos average age continues to get dangerously high. JRS and Josh help keep it lower tonight, despite Ryza’s fake ID.

Conversation at the pub again returns to Gav’s penis. Dom to purchase a sharpie so Cloudy can sign it at the upcoming social.


Date Time League Season
May 20, 2021 6:30 pm Cup 2020-2021


Coach Lane
Newcastle United Academy, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, North East England, England, NE7 7SF, United Kingdom


Club1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Old Novocastrians415Win
Dinnington Village112Loss

Old Novocastrians

Chris Pattinson Goalkeeper
Chris Rush Defender
Gavin Coleman Defender
Greg Applegarth Forward
Jamie Hansell Forward
Jamie Ridley-Smith Forward
Josh Spurling Midfielder
Mark Mcleod Midfielder
Oli Young Midfielder
Ryan Williams Defender
Sal Sinawi Defender
Simon Campbell Defender
William Haigh Forward